Honduras Threads’ products are made by the 40 members of Mujeres Artesanas Arte y Creatividad, a social enterprise in rural communities near Tegucigalpa. Their work allows the women to earn money without leaving their country, their communities or their families. They are able to feed their children, give them better medical care and the education essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. It’s also a source of empowerment in owning their own business and creating beautiful items for you to enjoy. All proceeds go directly to the artisans. Honduras Threads, a nonprofit, started the first cooperative in 2002 and added four more co-ops, teaching the women embroidery and sewing techniques and business skills, providing donated fabrics and marketing their products. In 2017, the co-ops combined to become a social enterprise. 
The goal is to make their business sustainable. Your contribution will go directly into helping meet this goal.
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