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Honduras Threads’ mission

Honduras Threads starts and supports embroidery cooperatives in rural Honduran villages to enable women to earn money in their own communities making beautiful products in a safe environment to help themselves and their families.


Our story

The first co-op was started in 2002 in Santa Cruz Arriba as a part of a mission trip from the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, Texas to provide the women with a way to earn money in their own village. We chose the appliqué and embroidery work because we understood the women all learned to embroider as little girls. We also chose a product that would have to be exported because each of these communities needed to bring in new capital. What we learned when we began working with them was that although they had learned embroidery as young girls, they hadn’t embroidered since, they knew only one stitch and they didn’t do that one well. But they stuck with it, persevered and were determined to learn to do quality work.

Honduras Threads was formed as a separate nonprofit in 2005 to continue marketing their work and to meet the demand for more co-ops in other locations where the women needed work in their own communities. As we got to know the women in the first co-op well, we learned three of the women were walking from Rincon de Delores three hours each way everyday because they needed work so badly. Three women were walking an hour and a half each way from Santa Cruz Abajo and four more an hour and a half each way from El Pedregal. They all asked us to start co-ops in their villages and said several more women would be able to work in the co-op if it were in their own village.

Now there are more than 80 women working in six co-ops in rural communities near the capital city of Tegucigalpa. The women learn the appliqué technique and embroidery stitches as well as recordkeeping and business skills. They receive all of the proceeds of the sales, pay for their supplies (except for donated appliqué fabrics), contribute back to Honduras Threads for its services and train their new members.

Honduras Threads provides initial training in technique and recordkeeping, the designs, donated fabrics, quality control, logistics, sales and marketing and access to supplies not available in Honduras. In reality, Honduras Threads is a form of microfinance that provides extensive training and ongoing assistance and training. Our goal is to help the cooperatives achieve sustainability by working with them on production and distribution until they can take over all aspects of their businesses.

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