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Commissioned Art

Photo of The Joy Project at Parkland

Mrs. Eugene McDermott, a longtime supporter of both Honduras Threads and Dallas’ Parkland Hospital, commissioned us to create a major stitched work of art for the hospital. Parkland administrators wanted the piece to celebrate the many nationalities of the hospital’s patients, medical staff and employees. Artist Pamela Nelson created an 8-foot by 4-foot world map silhouetted on a field of color drawn from the flags of all the countries represented, bordered by the many languages regularly translated at Parkland, and flanked by the flags of Texas, the United States and the Parkland Hospital chevron logo.

Mrs. McDermott specifically requested that every member of each co-op have a part in its creation with her stitches on the finished piece. The women from each co-op worked together to prepare all of the appliqués pieces and fuse them to the background fabric. Then the piece travelled from co-op to co-op for a week at a time until all of the embroidery was complete. The women named the work “The Joy Project.” On May 11, 2012 at a luncheon hosted by Mrs. McDermott, she presented the framed artwork and dedicated it to Dr. Ron Anderson, president and CEO of Parkland for 29 years. His legacy, the stimulus for his many accomplishments at Parkland, was his belief that the uninsured and poor deserve the same quality care as anyone else.